Hi! I'm Ashley, the founder of Wilddtail. It's true, it all did start with the movie Blackfish, ♥ (I have much love for that film) a damning exposé of SeaWorld. I'll never forget that night, I had dosed off to sleep early with the tv on. I was awakened by a sound I had never heard before. With fuzzy eyes I watched a mother call out for her child in sheer desperation. It was Kasatka, a captive killer whale, looking for her daughter Takara, whom Seaworld decided to transfer to a different park. I watched until the very end and went to sleep that night in silence and in shock. I woke up the next morning and I couldn't stop thinking about the whales. 

I was obsessed!!! I went on to create wilddtail…..

Wilddtail was merely only an instagram page to promote the freedom of Tilikum and the captive orcas and dolphins.  As I started to get more involved I went to my first Seaworld protest (as a mermaid with Project Mermaids.) Then I decided I was going to make my own shirt to wear to the next protest. IM after IM and I started selling shirts on Instagram. At cost of course, I was willing to do anything to help free the orcas. I ended up creating a real website and sold shirts at a loss until July 2015.


We donate 15% of all profits to help free animals from capitivity and help wild animals from poaching and extinction. So far we have donated to a variety of charities in different amounts. The charities we love and have donated to:

  • David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • Peta People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • The Orca Network

We have also used a portion of the proceeds to promote petitions online to Free Tilikum and to petition the government to stop the shows at SeaWorld