Thomas Cook: Stop Promoting Trips to Swim with Captive Dolphins

Thomas Cook regularly promote "swim with dolphin experiences." [1] I love dolphins - they are beautiful creatures so it’s no surprise that people would love the opportunity to swim with them. It’s seemingly harmless but it is actually cruel and inhumane.

Dolphins are often stolen from the wild in order to supply the demand for such experiences. The process of capturing and transporting dolphins to marine parks is excruciating and many animals die during transit. Those that survive are condemned to live a stressful and miserable life. [2]

In the wild, dolphins are highly intelligent social beings who live in large family groups and can travel up to 100 miles a day. In captivity, they are forced to live in confined, artificial conditions and they suffer immense mental and physical stress as a result. A life in a tank is no life at all.

The emotional and physical distress that captive dolphins experience can weaken their immune systems and make them prone to disease. [3]

I’m certain that if more holiday makers knew this, they would never support this exploitation. This practice must stop. That is why I’m calling on Thomas Cook to stop promoting and selling trips to swim with dolphins in captivity.

Let’s make sure dolphins stay wild, free and happy!

Please help to stop dolphin exploitation by signing and sharing my petition today!



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The four dolphins are kept in a chlorinated pool measuring 10m by 20m at a hotel at Keramas Beach on the Indonesian holiday island. Mr Brokensha said the dolphins looked 'still and lifeless' after their performance. It is understood the chlorine has left the dolphins almost blind.


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